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Who Goes Nazi

Dorothy Tompson's Harper's article from 1941.  It's a parlour game:  Who,when push comes to shove, would be a Nazi?  She says there are born Nazis, made Nazis, and never-Nazis.  It is immensely worth reading, as is The Guardian piece on cautionary fiction and essays over the decades cautioning against how fascism can come to America, which tipped me to Thompson's piece.

If you don't think we're going down this road right now, you're wrong.

Trump on Black History

I don't Twit, but there's apparently a hashtag #TrumpOnBlackHistory.  The Daily News has a marvelous collection of them.  Being ridiculed for stupidity is problem second only to being ridiculed for small hands in terms of getting under Trump's skin.  Enjoy.

Playtime Scene

Scene:  Mommy and Eight-Year-Old Son are setting up to play Lego Star Wars Space Ships and Forts Battle.

Son:  Mommy, you haven't armed any of your soldiers.

Mommy:  I've armed them with fishing rods.

Son:  Let's see how that's going to work out for you.

I don't know if I've ever run across a child who can deliver idiomatic lines like he can.  I don't recall being able to drop something like that with perfect timing, phrasing and intonation until I was at least a teenager.


When in Rome

All right, I've broken down and opened a Dreamwidth account.  I've added the folks who are usual commenters here to the extent I know you have DW accounts.  If I haven't added you, please give me a shout (I'm still ProfRobert over there).

Today in Tasty, Tasty Irony

Turns out the wife of the founder of a Neo-Nazi blog is Jewish.  It's hard to say which one of them is more despicable; maybe this just needs to filed under "at least if one of them is sterile, they're both out of the gene pool."

Meanwhile, I wish I knew anything about photoshop, because I desperately need a Pepe the Frog (Sad Version) that says, "When you find out the founder of your favorite Neo-Nazi blog is married to a Jew."

Ben Carson Quote of the Day

From Ben Carson's hearings on confirmation to become Secretary for Housing and Urban Development:  "It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American."  I believe that wholeheartedly.

Well, yes, there is a context, but why let context interfere with an underlying, fundamental truth?


Real Housewives of ISIS

The Guardian has a good piece about this "controversial" video satire.  I think it's hysterical, and I'm amused by the people who've got their underwear in a bunch over it.  This is not anti-Muslim; it's anti-ISIS and anti-idiot girls who defect to them.

Video is likely not safe for work.


Second Avenue Subway

No idea if anyone outside of New York has been following this, but the Second Avenue subway has opened after about an 80-year wait (and about 10 years of actual construction).  I took the F to 63rd St. to go to the dentist yesterday, and then the Q back, which seemed to fly.  The best thing about this station (which has been an F stop since '89) is the addition of four elevators for a new exit at Third Avenue, one block from the dentist, and given the way it was pouring yesterday, I greatly appreciated it.

The artwork is pretty good:

The signage font, however, is hideous and borders on undreadable.

Who would design something like that, and who would approve it?